Teachings of Lakshmi and Saraswati

5,000 Copies Donation 

The Path of Joy Organization is donating 5,000 copies of the book to uplift disempowered girls, women, and mothers, elderly living in old age homes, handicapped people, young adults with challenges, patients in hospitals, and numerous NGOs all over India. Send an email to anandakarunesh@gmail.com to join our team of volunteers to distribute the 5000 copies.

An Extraordinary

      Conversation Begins...

This book is the first in a series that consists of extraordinary conversations with ascended Goddesses representing different spiritual pantheons of the world. The ascended Goddesses are holding the Earth in a grand circle of love during this very challenging time for humanity. The recent political and social upheavals in the world have already awakened the divine feminine power that resides within the collective human consciousness.


The Rise of the

        Empowered Feminine


Extraordinary Conversations

Goddess Lakshmi

"Everything is unfolding in divine timing. The light of ascended Goddesses shall awaken humans into Satya Yuga after the long dark night of Kali Yuga. Many women and children are suffering with the burden of patriarchal structures at this time. As these structures are overturned, there shall be a spiritual transition to rediscover the harmony that has been lost for thousands of years between the feminine and the masculine. It shall begin with books, art, and songs inspired by the ascended Goddesses from various pantheons. Initially, more women will be attracted to this path that shall eventually weave the whole Earth into joy and oneness."

                               ~ Mahadevi Lakshmi

Goddess Saraswati

"This is a special time when the Earth and the Heavens have come together for a great spiritual transformation. Lakshmi and I are holding the Earth together with many ascended Goddesses in a grand circle to heal all that live upon it. Each of us serves a divine purpose. Let me share with you why I am here with you. I am helping humans free themselves from negative thoughts and to transform their negative emotions into feelings of the soul. I am helping humans heal the divisions of their lower selves so that they can be nourished by their higher selves. I teach both love and strength, or Yin and Yang together, to create joy. I teach humans how to release great sorrows that have been put upon their shoulders during many lifetimes so that they can find spiritual fulfillment in their lives."

                            ~ Mahadevi Saraswati



Ananda Karunesh

Ananda Karunesh (a.k.a. Sanjay Nawalkha, Ph.D.) experienced a Zen awakening at the age of 19 which dissolved a painful mental process and opened the door to an expanded spiritual awareness. He has engaged in meditative and spiritual practices for the past 35 years. He works as a Professor and Chairman of the Finance Department at the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.